Blindengarten Bremen
The Blind Peoples's Garden of Bremen
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Bremen -St. Magnus / corner Raschenkampsweg/Ulenweg at Knoops Park
This garden is open from March to October daily 9h - 18h. 

Schema des BlindengartensJust a regular garden?
After five years of planning, fundraising and construction the Blind People's Garden of Bremen was created in St. Magnus, a part of town in the north of Bremen. Remarkable about it is the fact that it's the first German garden of this kind to be built in private initiative and to be exclusively supported by donations and free services of local enterprises.
All gardening is done by the clubmembers.
Of course the Garden is open to the recreation seeking public as well - but it is suited for the special needs of blind persons. The plants are meant to be smelled, touched and felt.

16 different arrangements of plants
The Blind People's Garden covers about 2.600 square meters and is surrounded by a plant covered embankment.
Compared to the surrounding area the garden's surface has been lowered. It's provided with a ramp-like entrance, paved with a porous stone to prevent slipperyness. The garden's pathways are covered with varying materials in order to assist blind persons with their orientation:
Stone paved surface only at the entrance area, rolled sand on the pathway which entours the patches, and in the center a soft layer of shredded bark. At the entrance and in the center, panels with engraved maps provide information on the arrangement of the garden.
The patches have been installed at a height of 2 1/2 feet so that visitors find them convenient to smell, touch and feel the plants. The entire garden has been created in a way which enables blind visitors to discover everything without assistance.
Sixteen different arrangements of plants present plants with coarse and smooth leaves, aromatic blossoms and leaves, interesting barcs, herbaceous plants, various grasses and agricultural plants. All sixteen of these thematic plant arrangements have a carved wooden panel marking each one with a letter from A through Q. The naming of the plants is in Braille writing and also German name. The plates with the names of the plants have an additional information (A5, D8,...,P10). The letter indicates the plant arrangement while the number represents its (German and botanical) name.
The garden features more than 500 different species of plants of which more than 350 have been provided with name tags.

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If you wish further informations, our printed broshure or if you would like to arrange a guided tour, please call:

Verein Blindengarten Bremen e.V.
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D-28759 Bremen
Telefon: +49 42l 62 59 55

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